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Mani Casadona is an idyllic realm with a captivating charm. With more than 70% verdant open spaces, the complex is rich in the green quotient. So much so, that this space engages the senses and encourages interaction between humans and nature.

A collection of native flora creates a feast of colour and fragrance within the complex. Summer brings alive the cheerful yellows and reds of Amaltas (Indian laburnum) and Krishnachura (Gulmohar). Along with the rains come the
purple, white and pink blossoms of the lagerstroemias. Autumn, winter
and spring bring with them the enchantment of Chorisias, Pink Tabebuias, Bottlebrush, Calliandras Kachnar,

Tesu and the Yellow Trumpet Tree. Meanwhile the Champak,
Gandharaj, Motia, Jasmine and Parijat fill the air with their
mild fragrance to create perfect moods for all occasions.